About us

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a gathering place for inspiring women; a place where you will find trendy products, terrific prices, and timeless memories each time you enter our doors.

The Lillians Experience
Today the reinvention of small-town USA offers the charm of occasional shopping, galleries, museums, antiques, restaurants, fun boutiques, and, of course, Lillians! Located in several locations throughout the Midwest, you will find us in cities such as Buffalo, Grand Rapids, LaCrosse, Des Moines, Rochester, and many more.

Tucked into the charm and tradition of small river and lake towns, Lillians has made a preutation for themselves by giving women of all ages the long awaited relief of the non-traditional shopping mall to the newest trend of the main street shopping experience.

Lillians prides itself on its main street mania when looking into site selection. The focus is on downtown tradition, retail charm, a Midwest style of hospitality, festival-crazy cities, and locations that offer unique shoppes and a wide variety of restaurants and pubs to accommodate every appetite and budget. If this sounds like your city, Lillians needs to be there!

Grandma Lillian
One of the most inspiring women in our life was Grandma Lillian. Born in 1906, she grew up on a farm in Greenfield, Minnesota, where she raised six daughters! On Sunday mornings, after working hard in the fields all week, she would walk to church to pump the organ for Sunday morning services and then walk home again. Her kindness never stopped.

We opened our first Lillians shoppe in celebration of Grandma Lillian, who in her 85 years never complained about hard work or saw anything negative in the people around her. She lived a modest life, but taught us all about giving, serving, and putting family first. Grandma’s legacy is now offered in many charming locations throughout the Midwest. We would love to see you!

Enjoy Caribou Coffee on Us!
Need a quick pick-me-up while shopping? Lillians proudly serves fresh Caribou Coffee at our shoppes – making your visit even more enjoyable!