Our Inspiration

Who is Grandma Lillian, the inspiration and amazing icon for Lillians Shoppes?

A mother to six beautiful daughters, Grandma Lillian was a hard working farmer’s wife from Greenfield, Minnesota. From the fields to the fresh garden, Grandma Lillian knew how to prepare the best home-cooked meals for half of Wright County! Her kindness never stopped.

Lillians founders Cindy and Sue continue to be inspired by Grandma Lillian’s character.

“Grandma Lillian loved people, rich black coffee, and church. She loved a
clean house and always paid bills the day she received them. She put
quarters in our birthday cards, gave us fresh bread at Christmas time, and
always used ‘real’ butter. Her favorite television program was Lawrence Welk
and her favorite game was Dominos. She loved to get dressed in her Sunday
best. She never complained about hard work and always drew on the positive.
And before she would hang up the phone with us, her last words would be, “Now don’t
work so hard!”

“Grandma Lillian lived a modest life, but taught us all about giving, serving, and putting family first. We opened our first Lillians shoppe in celebration of Grandma Lillian and we are proud to be living out a part of her rich legacy.”

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