Why Some Methods of Document Shredding Are More Secure Than Others

Document shredding is an exceptional way for you to keep your private information out of the hands of others with prying eyes. Many individuals as well as businesses make use of secure document destruction methods to safeguard everything from printouts of tax returns and bank statements to credit card numbers and much more. Health care centers may even need to shred documents that have personal health information of their patients on them. While you may be well aware of the importance of using document shredding, you may not be aware that there are different shredding techniques that are currently in use. By reviewing the different types of secure document destruction techniques available, you can more easily make the right buying decision for your needs.

Understanding the Differences in Types of Shredders
Before you make any decisions about the best method for shredding your documents, it is important to understand that there are different types of paper shredders. These variations are derived from how the paper is shredded. The least secure option is the strip cut shredder. This shreds papers into long strips, and it is least secure because the shredded pieces can easily be pieced back together by a tenacious individual. The next option provides you with a step-up in security, and it is the pierce and tear option. This method includes both punch holes in paper and ripping it to shreds. The final option with the most superior level of security comes from the hammermill method, which will completely destroy the documents. This method shreds documents into increasingly smaller pieces for maximum security.

How to Decide Which is Best for Your Needs
Before you decide which is right for you, you also need to consider your security risk as well as liability. If you are a private individual who rarely shreds documents, you may be agreeable to using a strip cut shredder device at home. If you run a major corporation and need to protect vital credit card information or other personal information from your clients, you may face a considerable liability risk by not taking every step possible to safeguard information. If this is the case, you may need to hire a third party destruction service that uses that hammermill method for paper shredding.

It is great to have several shredding options available to choose from, but you need to find the option that is most cost-effective as well as most suitable for your security needs. Regardless of whether you use a shredding service or you shred documents on your own, keep these valid points in mind to help you make a great decision for your needs. The Shred-it website may be able to provide additional insights.

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We promote idea generation, open communication and direct marketplace knowledge to flow both ways. We are better together. We are the pioneers, have done the testing, have made the investment, and have taken the risks. Let us share what makes this business so magical – with you!

Lillians wants each Shoppe owner to be successful and provides 5 days of one-on-one specific training in general business operations, inventory management, customer service, marketing, and retail merchandising. There are Operations and Training Manuals for you to keep with you as well as ongoing support by our staff. Classroom training is conducted in Plymouth, MN. In-Shoppe training is done at a Shoppe near you or our corporate office.

Marketing and Advertising

Lillians has created a brand that sings and it sizzles! Our internal marketing team makes everything Lillians come alive. We have all the marketing tools you need to start your business and serve your guests. We also custom design marketing tools for any of your unique Shoppe events.


Lillians has a company-wide Intranet system that increases the efficiency of internal business operations. There you will find resources for your Shoppe, marketing materials, operations information, sales numbers, and merchandise information – everything you need at your fingertips anytime!

Support Second to None

We want women who understand the meaning of ‘serving.’ We want individuals with experience in business that have a strong work ethic, an exciting personality, and the ability to be a world-class communicator and salesperson. The perfect franchisee would be a polished, fashion forward professional who is well known and admired in the community, who has a positive outlook on life, has endless energy, is financially stable, and has a craving to serve and build a business that is the “first-of-its-kind” social franchise for women!

Lillians mission of growth and teamwork by following the three “P”s!


  • taking care of ourselves
  • spending time with family and friends
  • to lead with integrity and by faith


  • to stay on the Lillians journey of building a ‘GREAT’ company
  • to continue our philanthropic mission of Sara’s Dance Foundation
  • to finish what we started and reach our dreams!


  • we are all on the same team
  • to change lives of women over and over again
  • at the end of the day, we become better human beings because of what we have learned

Lillians offers something to women who are no longer interested in the interstate malls. We want to promote shopping locally and giving back to the community. We want to offer great merchandise at a great price. In this economy, no matter what financial status, everyone is more conscious of their budget. We want to give every woman the opportunity to look and feel pretty and on trend!

Why Franchise with Lillians?

Nationwide, female entrepreneurs have found increasing satisfaction and fortune in owning their own business. Research shows that women across the world are starting new businesses at increasing rates. Women are no longer sitting by idly and waiting for the glass slipper to fit, nor are they hunkered down in some corporate giant, looking up through a glass ceiling. They are heading up companies, sitting on boards and foundations, and turning their passion into a paycheck that works for their lifestyle. Think Lillians!

What Lillians Offers

  • One of the lowest initial investments in the industry. $18K! We want our Shoppe owners to focus on filling their store, not financing an initial fee.
  • Due to our exciting model, your initial investment in inventory is also a fraction of the cost of most retail fashion and accessory stores out there. We want our floors dripping with the latest and greatest in fashion and accessories, but typical initial buys would be under $20,000.
  • Strong voice in product selection
  • Broad customer base – we serve all ages!
  • Variety of brands
  • No required uniform build outs
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Great internal marketing team
  • Great product turn – it’s always something new!
  • Franchise agreement of only 10 years


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‘The Hippest Shoppe in Town!’

First ever charity event called ‘the dance!’ Lillians will be there!

One of the most ‘inspiring’ women in our life was Grandma Lillian. Born in 1906, she grew up on a farm in Greenfield, Minnesota, where she raised 6 daughters! On Sunday mornings, after working hard in the fields all week, she would walk to her church to pump the organ for the Sunday morning services . . .and then walk home again. Her kindness never stopped. We opened our first Lillians shoppe in celebration of Grandma Lillian, who in her 85 years never complained about hard work or saw anything negative in the people around her. She lived a modest life, but taught us all about giving, serving, and putting family first. Grandma’s legacy in now offered in 7 Charming locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We would love to see you!
Cindy and Sue