Why Franchise with Lillians?

Nationwide, female entrepreneurs have found increasing satisfaction and fortune in owning their own business. Research shows that women across the world are starting new businesses at increasing rates. Women are no longer sitting by idly and waiting for the glass slipper to fit, nor are they hunkered down in some corporate giant, looking up through a glass ceiling. They are heading up companies, sitting on boards and foundations, and turning their passion into a paycheck that works for their lifestyle. Think Lillians!

What Lillians Offers

  • One of the lowest initial investments in the industry. $18K! We want our Shoppe owners to focus on filling their store, not financing an initial fee.
  • Due to our exciting model, your initial investment in inventory is also a fraction of the cost of most retail fashion and accessory stores out there. We want our floors dripping with the latest and greatest in fashion and accessories, but typical initial buys would be under $20,000.
  • Strong voice in product selection
  • Broad customer base – we serve all ages!
  • Variety of brands
  • No required uniform build outs
  • Ongoing support and training
  • Great internal marketing team
  • Great product turn – it’s always something new!
  • Franchise agreement of only 10 years